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Certified ecological agriculture

Both our plantations and production lines are ecologically certified by SRAC CERT S.R.L., RO-ECO-026.

High production capacity

We grow several Romanian species at the highest quality standards within a cooperative made up of several farms spread over the territory of Romania. The surface we cover at the moment is more than 250 hectares.

Modern technology

We use modern drip irrigation systems and specialized and reliable state-of-the-art tractors equipped with all the necessary accessories for fully mechanized plantation maintenance.

Diversified assortment

We are both growers of 4 different varieties of organic buckthorn present in our farms (Clara, Mara, Cora, Pitesti) and producers with a vast portfolio of ecological products using our own raw materials.

Harvesting by quick freezing of fruits (conditioning)

From the plantation to the glass, the processing flow is:

  1. We harvest by quick freezing
    • We cut the branches and freeze the branches at -40C
    • We separate the fruits from the branches
    • We keep the fruits frozen at -18 / -20C
  2. Defrost and cold press the fresh fruits



To become a leader in our activity segment and to be recognized as an essential player on the ecological products market.


To offer people the daily energy and vitamin ratio necessary to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Cooperative’s values and the principles we follow:

  • Social Responsibility – We are deeply committed to having a positive impact on society by promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  • Commitment – We are completely dedicated to launching exceptional products that make a significant contribution to improving people’s health.
  • Innovation – We are forward-looking and constantly looking for new ideas, concepts and creative products that have the potential to positively impact society.
  • Professionalism – We pride ourselves on using only organically certified plantations and production lines. We understand the importance of environmentally sustainable practices and are committed to operating according to the highest environmental standards.
  • Evolution – We are in constant evolution, learning and improving continuously. We focus on developing and implementing state-of-the-art irrigation and harvesting systems to support the highest ecological standards.

Investments in research and innovation mean investments in the future of the Cooperative. These help us to be able to compete at international level and to keep the unique quality of our products. They improve the everyday life of people, contributing to the increase in the consumption of ecological foods beneficial to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Ecological Sea Berry (Sea Buckthorn)

Because it is perishable, Sea Berry is frozen immediately after harvesting (to preserve its characteristics). In addition to the food industry, part of it is processed to obtain products used in various fields such as the cosmetics industry or the pharmaceutical industry.

Frozen Sea Berry
It can be kept in very good condition for up to 5 years. This preservation method preserves the properties of the product.

Dehydrated Sea Berry
Dehydrated Sea Berry is obtained by drying the fruits in special ovens, at a low temperature.

Ecological Products
We have a vast portfolio of products obtained from organic Sea Berry. See portofolio

Ground Sea Berry
Ground Sea Berry is obtained by slowly grinding whole and dried Sea Berry fruits using a modern, ecological technology.

Energyne Bio Catina Product Range

Organic Sea Berry Products - Energyne by BioCatina

Organic Sea Berry (Sea Buckthorn) plantations

We are Bio Catina Agricultural Cooperative and we cultivate Romanian Sea Berry species at the highest quality standards within a cooperative made up of several farms spread over the territory of Romania. The area we cover at the moment is 250 hectares. The plantations are located in different areas of the country and are ecologically certified.

Romanian Sea Berry plantations stand out for their very good ability to adapt to climate and soil conditions, which makes it easy to grow on any type of terrain.

Sea Berry plantations offer advantages on multiple levels:

  1. The harvesting of Sea Berry crops offers raw material for the production of ecological products beneficial to an active and healthy lifestyle
  2. Using only Romanian Sea Berry in the plantations through agricultural practices beneficial for the climate and the environment, we completely protect the environment. Cultivated Sea Berry represents a sustainable alternative against forest exploitation for wild Sea Berry.
  3. The soil on which Sea Berry crops are planted is protected and enriched due to the exceptional properties of this plant that contribute to nitrogen fixation in the soil.

Sea Buckthorn Varieties

We offer an exceptional and constant quality of fruit every year, at an optimum quality-price ratio. Internally accredited ECO certifications certify the seriousness with which we approach our activity and certify the raw material and its quality.




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Cultivated Hectares

Bio Catina Partners

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