Organic certificate quality by SRAC CERT S.R.L.

The importance of certifications for consumers

The traceability of the organic fruit of sea buckthorn starts with the purchase of the land on which the future orchard will be planted. The conditions about the crops’ history, fertilizers and pesticides used in the past on this land are carefully recorded by the future farmer. The cuttings are purchased together with the documents of origin and associated phyto-sanitary certificates. In the 3rd year, the year of the first harvest, the nutritional analyzes of the fruits are carried out in overseas laboratories. The quality of BIO CATINA’s raw material and products is proven to be certified organically by the SRAC CERT S.R.L.


Organic certificate

We have the organic certification ECO, since 14 March 2023


Group of Manufacturers Certificate

Since March 2019 Bio Catina has been recognized as Group of Manufacturers